Wests Tigers 25th Anniversary Gin

700ml 40% ABV
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In the heart of Sydney, where the roar of the Wests Tigers echoes through 25 triumphant years, something extraordinary has been bottled – a liquid celebration, a jubilant elixir crafted by Underground Spirits. This isn't just gin; this is the spirit of a legendary rugby league team, captured in every drop. In 2024, as the Wests Tigers mark their 25th season in the NRL, the roar of triumph will echo once again in their two traditional home grounds – Leichhardt Oval and Campbelltown Sports Stadium. It's not just a return to familiar turf; it's a strategic embrace of identity, a tribute to the loyal fans who have been the heartbeat of the club for a quarter of a century.

Imagine this unbridled excitement sealed in a bottle – that's the Wests Tigers 25th Anniversary Gin. It's not just a drink; it's a jubilant tribute to a quarter-century of highs, lows, and undying loyalty.


Diving into more than a mere sip; with this gin we're unraveling an entire liquid journey. A spirited kick-off with vibrant notes of fresh citrus that'll have your taste buds doing a victory dance. It's not just about the citrus, though – there's a subtle hint of sourness softened by bitter undertones, creating a flavour symphony that's nothing short of dynamic. This gin? It's the MVP of balance that's scoring big points with seasoned gin enthusiasts and those new to the game. And hold on, we're not done yet – there's a crisp zesty hint thrown into the mix, just to keep you on your toes. Crafted to perfection, it's a toast to 25 years of triumphs, embodying the dynamic spirit of The Wests Tigers.
  • Small Leaved Fig (ficus obligua)
  • Sweet Granadilla (passiflora ligularis)
  • Tiger Jaw Succulent (faucaria tigrina) Flower
  • Bitter Orange (citrus x aurantium)
  • Juniper
  • Coriander Seed
  • Angelica Root

Highly Acclaimed

Distilled in Canberra and proudly Australian, our premium vodkas and gins have been recognised as outstanding, collecting several major awards around the world. Notable awards include medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, World Vodka Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Gin Guide Awards, to name a few. Cheers to awards season!


Size Guide

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Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
S/30 85/33 77/30
M/32 90/35 82/32
L/34 95/37 87/34
XL/36 100/39 92/36
2XL/38 105/41 97/38
3XL/40 110/43 102/40
4XL/42 115/45 107/42
5XL/44 120/47 112/44
6XL/46 125/49 117/46


Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24
10 72/28 64/25
12 76/30 68/27
14 80/31 72/28
16 86/34 76/30

Toddler (Boys)

Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
XS/8 80/31 61/24 88/35
S/10 85/33 66/26 93/37
M/12 90/35 71/28 98/39
L/14 95/37 76/30 103/41
XL/16 100/39 81/32 108/43


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24 75/30
10 74/29 62/24 80/31
12 80/31 64/25 85/33
14 86/34 66/26 90/35
16 90/35 70/28 95/37

Toddler (Girls)

Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23