Underground Spirits is a boutique, small batch distillery in Canberra, ACT.

Using a submicron, subzero filtration technique, this is old spirits done new.

About Us

The team


Toby - Chief Scientist & Master Distiller

Toby is the inventor, the visionary and the mad scientist.

Always dreaming of bigger and better ways to do things, Toby took the challenge of reinventing the vodka and gin wheel.

Using his science and medicine background, Toby has created this unique filtration technique to turn an idea into liquid gold. 


Jacob - Operations Manager & Distiller

Jacob is the ‘doer’ that has helped the dream of Underground Spirits become a reality. 

From a business background and using his local connections, Jacob has been able to turn a hobby and interest into a burgeoning boutique business.


Andrew - Sales/Marketing Manager & Distiller

Andrew's strong hospitality background and good looks makes him the perfect fit to bring Underground Spirits to you.  

He'll be the man pouring your drink, and enjoying the spirits with you.

An old spirit done new

The process of submicron, subzero filtration has created a smooth and clean vodka with no afterburn. Our method ensures a boutique vodka that is enjoyable on its own or as the perfect base to a delicious cocktail.

And why stop at excellent plain vodka? Our range of flavoured vodkas is a play on our regular vodka, with tantalising flavours of caramel, vanilla and hazelnut currently available and the plan for seasonal and special release editions.  

More than tradition.

Underground Spirits has concocted their gin using 10 locally inspired botanicals to create a gustatory trip through the Canberra region.  

​Using our unique vapour infused method, we have created a dry gin that is smooth and perfectly drinkable on its own or mixed to make something special.


Review from the Martini Whisperer

Review from the Martini Whisperer

We had the Martini Whisperer visit us at Underground Spirits HQ. And we think he liked our stuff! Thanks for the review.  See it here.
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