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Trot & Canter Gin

Trot & Canter Gin

700ml 40% ABV

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Trot & Canter Gin by Dave Stanley, inspired by the diverse landscape of New South Wales. It combines botanicals from all corners of the state—Native Ginger from the North, Native Thyme from the East, Banksia from the South, and Desert Lime from the West, tied together with Native Lemongrass. More than a drink, Trot & Canter Gin offers an experience resonating with racing enthusiasts. It’s easy-to-drink character embodies the spirit of spring, welcoming all racing participants to savour it like champions, be it a leisurely trot or an exhilarating canter.

The gin’s sales also contribute to the National Jockeys Trust, showcasing Dave Stanley’s dedication to giving back to the sport that has enriched his life.

tasting notes

Experience the subtle and vibrant notes of delicate citrus, complemented by the aromatic essence of native thyme; then a sweet and earthy flavor, with a tantalizing hint of sour that delights the palate. Finish is smooth and perfectly balanced.700ml 40% ABV


Angelica Root
Native Thyme
Native Ginger
Desert Lime
Native Lemongrass
Our Trot & Canter Gin is gluten free.

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