Our Signature Gin
Our Signature Gin

Our Signature Gin

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Gold medal: 2017 Global Spirit Awards Las Vegas
Silver medal: 2017 Melbourne International Spirits Competition
Bronze medal: 2018 International Spirits Challenge 
Silver medal: 2018 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards 

A new and vastly improved spin on traditional gin, this velvety patent-produced wonder is an absolute delight.

Smooth enough to sip neat and delicate enough to enhance cocktails, this perfect gin provides elegance unique only to Underground and its patented production techniques.

Featuring beautiful Australian botanicals, Lemon Myrtle, River Mint, Basil and soft spicy notes from the Tasmanian Pepperberry, and Juniper, Coriander, Angelika, Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Poppyseed make this modern classic sing. Enjoy a fresh, modern spin on a classic with our awarded and celebrated gin.

The Experience:
Refined + bursting with sublime botanicals. An elegant new experience. No burn (naturally).