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Mini Vodka with Vanilla

Mini Vodka with Vanilla

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Indulge in our 50ml Vodka with Double Vanilla, a captivating and irresistible treat. Crafted from sustainably grown Australian wheat and purified through cryofiltration, our vodka boasts unsurpassed purity. We've doubled the flavour with sweet vanilla and a concentrated vanilla tincture, delivering a delightful burst of vanilla in every sip. Experience the smoothness and heavenly sweetness that makes our Vodka with Double Vanilla truly unforgettable.

tasting notes

Our Vodka with Double Vanilla is a true delight. The initial sip reveals a smooth, pure vodka base, crafted from the finest Australian wheat and purified through cryofiltration. The sweet flavour of vanilla is immediately noticeable, followed by an intensified burst from the added vanilla tincture. The harmonious blend of creamy vanilla and the clean, crisp vodka creates a captivating, irresistible experience.50ml 40% ABV


Wheat Grain - sustainably grown
H2O from Canberra

Our Vodka with Double Vanilla is gluten free

Our Vodka with Double Vanilla is dairy free.

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