Ad Crescendum var Infusionem Native Gin

500ml 40% ABV
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Continuing our collaboration with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, we introduce to you Ad Crescendum var Infusionem Native Gin. An uniquely Australian experience, this gin was born from a need to further discover the abundance of local botanicals grown in conservation at the Gardens. In search of other botanicals and how they can create a new flavour. With the help of horticulturist for the gardens, Underground Spirits set out to learn even more about amazing botanicals, the conditions where they grow and thrive and their traditional uses in Indigenous culture. This time the inspiration came from brewing botanicals, and what has been done for centuries, and learnt by europeans arriving in Australia as well. This expressive gin serves as testament to the long held artistry of infusion. To amplify this, and the collection’s kaleidoscope of diversity, for this mixture we selected and expertly combined johnsons grass tree (xanthorrhoea johnsonii), rose myrtle (rhodomyrtus tomentosa), white correa (correa alba), wombat berry (eustrephus latifolius), goodinea (goodinea), white birch (betula pendula), manuka myrtle (leptospermum scoparium), lemon aspen (cronychia acidula), native pennyroyal mint (mentha satureioides) evincing the wondrous aromas that this gin so beautifully orchestrates. 


Ad Crescendum var. Infusionem Native Gin is a true delight for the senses. On the nose, it offers wondrous aromas that combine floral tones and complex botanicals, creating a beautifully intricate bouquet that sparks an intriguing desire to sip. As it caresses the palate, the gin’s rich and buttery texture, accompanied by an oily mouthfeel, unveils a perfect balance of subtlety and vibrancy, shaped by the harmonious interplay of the numerous native botanicals. The finish is a testament to its excellence, rich and smooth, with a sweet note that lingers, leaving a lasting impression of the botanical wonders that abound in the garden. This is that elegant gin, shaped for a martini. Enjoy as a long gin + tonic with a garnish of dehydrated lime and sprinkle of floral to enhance the bouquet as you sip.

  • Juniper
  • Johnsons Grass Tree
  • Rose Myrtle
  • White Correa
  • Wombat Berry
  • Goodinea
  • Native Crab Apple
  • Manuka Myrtle
  • Lemon Aspen
  • Native Pennyroyal Mint
  • Coriander
  • Angelica

Highly Acclaimed

Distilled in Canberra and proudly Australian, our premium vodkas and gins have been recognised as outstanding, collecting several major awards around the world. Notable awards include medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, World Vodka Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Gin Guide Awards, to name a few. Cheers to awards season!


Size Guide

These measurements are NOT garment dimensions but TO FIT body dimensions.


Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
S/30 85/33 77/30
M/32 90/35 82/32
L/34 95/37 87/34
XL/36 100/39 92/36
2XL/38 105/41 97/38
3XL/40 110/43 102/40
4XL/42 115/45 107/42
5XL/44 120/47 112/44
6XL/46 125/49 117/46


Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24
10 72/28 64/25
12 76/30 68/27
14 80/31 72/28
16 86/34 76/30

Toddler (Boys)

Size Chest (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
XS/8 80/31 61/24 88/35
S/10 85/33 66/26 93/37
M/12 90/35 71/28 98/39
L/14 95/37 76/30 103/41
XL/16 100/39 81/32 108/43


Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in) Hip (cm/in)
8 68/27 60/24 75/30
10 74/29 62/24 80/31
12 80/31 64/25 85/33
14 86/34 66/26 90/35
16 90/35 70/28 95/37

Toddler (Girls)

Size Bust (cm/in) Waist (cm/in)
2 56/22 54/21
4 60/24 56/22
6 64/25 58/23