700ml 40% ABV

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This gin is as Canberra as it gets.

Made in collaboration with POP Canberra, it’s sweet, bold, bright and fun. Bursting with the sweet juicy flavours of Mango bubble tea, herbaceous notes of bay leaf, balanced with an intriguing dash of native lime for a citrus squeeze. This is the gin of summer, and flamboyantly Canberran.

Also available in our MINIS 50ml size.


On the noble quest to try a salted caramel espresso martini at home, which has included the unfortunate purchase of some painfully undrinkable caramel vodkas, I stumbled across a number of 5 star reviews for Underground. Fueled with hope but limited optimism, I found and headed home with a bottle of your finest. What followed was one of the most joyfully surprising vodka experiences I’ve had. It lives up to the hype and then some. It’s smooth. Perfectly balanced with caramel. My friends, your caramel vodka has added life to my espresso martinis and saved my waistline because it also goes perfectly with soda. Your liquid gold I shall continue to recommend to anyone who’ll listen.Caramel Vodka - 5 stars. Thank you! -

a humble home cocktail appreciator