Taste the Raiders Spirit – new gin commemorates Canberra Raiders' 40-year anniversary


40 years in the limelight. Six Grand Final appearances. Three Premiership Titles – 1989, 1990 and 1994.


Generations of iconic players and moments. Decades of loyal members and fans. The Canberra Raiders represent the Region. They give back to the community that gives so much to them. They grow rugby league from grassroots to elite teams. Just as the Viking Clap unites their fans, the Raiders Spirit lives on.


Introducing Raiders Spirit, our latest local collaboration with The Canberra Raiders to celebrate and commemorate their 40-year anniversary in 2022.


We took on the goal of capturing the Raiders Spirit and bottling it, we had to give it a try. Working as a team, our captain and Head Distiller trained hard on how to best tackle the task. After a bit of biff at the stills, the flavour profile was decided – we scored a winning gin. Fit for play, Raiders Spirit is a special blend of Raiders lime, combined with local botanicals. A crowd pleaser for any Raiders fan, and one to ensure the Raiders Spirit lives on for the next 40 years and beyond.


“Four decades is a milestone that should be celebrated. Celebration has cultivated collaboration - and we are elated to join with The Raiders to craft a gin for the occasion,” said Underground Spirits’ CEO Claudia Roughley


“This is the chance for club members and fans to engage with the gin, savour the flavour, recall the stories and make a start on the next forty years of memories. Cheers to that!”                            

About the gin…

Delicate bright lime leading into aromatic fields of eucalypts and a refined, sweet, earthy flavour. A layer of sherbet too, with a smooth and balanced finish.


Best served with ice, tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime in the company of friends, family and teammates.



Dooja Lime: citrus australis


Fruits are globular and round with an oily skin, not overly juicy but full of distinctive lime flavour.


Desert Lime: citrus glauca


Also known as wild lime, bush lime and the native cumquat. A pleasant, sharp and mildly sweet citrus taste on the front palate, with refreshing herbaceous notes.


Finger Lime: citrus australasica


Native citrus prized for its unique caviar-like pulp and attractive colour, which can vary between yellow, green, pale pink and crimson. Finger limes originate from, and thrive in, Australia’s east coast rainforests. Aromas of fresh citrus burst with a sour and tart tang.


Canberra Bells: correa, native fuschia


Hybrid native flower gown for the Canberra Centenary. Nectar rich tubular flowers. Brings a floral sweetness.


Strawberry Gum: eucalyptus olida


A medium-size tree which native to the NSW Northern Tablelands. The glossy green leaves are intensely aromatic. Sweet and slightly acidic like balsamic vinegar, with fruity undertones.


River Mint: mentha australis


Also called wild mint, it is a smaller, more delicate relative of more well-known mints like peppermint and spearmint. A sweet spearmint and peppermint flavour.







Where can you buy Raiders Spirit Anniversary Gin?

Underground Spirits x Canberra Raiders Anniversary Gin is available to pre-order now.  Limited Edition, while stocks last. Gin will ship from Monday 16th May.

Pre-order yours NOW


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