The Future of Cocktails

A unique, boutique cocktail experience you can enjoy at home.


$10 flat fee shipping for up to 6 bottles.

A Canberra Collaboration to create your own ‘Sunset Forage’ cocktail at home.


The Future of Cocktails is a creative collaboration between Underground Spirits, Contentious Character Winery and The Martini Whisperer. Each pack contains all the ingredients to make the perfect ‘Sunset Forage’ cocktail and you have access to an eloquent video, fashioning the entire cocktail experience as something to enjoy, have fun and learn!

A mélange of a wine and a gin - and the addition of a garnish that could come from your very own garden. Coming Up Roses is a savoury styled rose made from shiraz grapes. Our Shiraz Gin with Tasmanian Pepperberries offers notes of vanilla, toast and cedar with the fruity juicy characters of the shiraz. Our Sunset Forage cocktail combines both with make-at-home cherry liqueur. Garnish with fresh raspberries and mint.
    Each pack contains the components for 8 cocktails:
  • Underground Spirits - Shiraz Gin with Tasmanian Pepperberries 250ml
  • Contentious Character – Coming Up Roses Rose 750ml
  • Underground Spirits - Vodka 50ml
  • Jar of cherries
  • Detailed printed cocktail card
  • A custom link to our websites to take you to the dedicated video

Highly Acclaimed

Distilled in Canberra and proudly Australian, our premium vodkas and gins have been recognised as outstanding, collecting several major awards around the world. Notable awards include medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, World Vodka Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Gin Guide Awards, to name a few. Cheers to awards season!

Awards Awards

We create premium spirits of unsurpassed purity and clarity

All our spirits are ten times carbon filtered before we commence our cryofiltration process - our truly unique patented process invented by our founder Dr. Toby Angstmann. Extreme low temperatures combined with nano materials enable extraction of impurities never before imaginable. The result is premium spirits of unsurpassed purity and crystal clear clarity.

Made sustainably with considered botanicals

Underground Spirits is made by a process of maceration, vapour infusion and tinctures which allow our botanicals to sing. The botanicals are meticulously selected to ensure their delicate flavours are captured and combined in perfect harmony. Our core botanicals juniper, coriander and angelica remain paramount, whilst we always use quality and native botanicals whenever we can to represent the best of Canberra and Australia.

“We’ve teamed up with Contentious Character Winery, and Canberra’s cocktail guru, The Martini Whisperer to bring you The Future of Cocktails – a unique, boutique cocktail experience that you can enjoy at home. Because even as things open up, we’ve all learnt the beauty and power of our own backyard.”

Underground Spirits


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Intricate and complex, this gin is quintessentially Australian, representative of our native flora and highlighting the importance of conservation at the gardens.
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