Celebrate Skyfire 2024: Introducing Skyfire Gin by Underground Spirits

To celebrate the long anticipated return of Skyfire, Underground Spirits are thrilled to collaborate with Hit 104.7 to create the official “2024 Skyfire Gin”.

A Blend Crafted by You

The journey began with a simple yet bold call to action. Wilko & Courts, returning to the airwaves, sought the wisdom of the masses, asking listeners to suggest botanicals for a gin that would capture the essence of Skyfire’s return. The response? A botanical ballot box overflowing with creativity and a touch of madness.

It was thought we'd get your junipers, your citrus peels. But then bam! Suggestions like retro popping candy came flooding in. It was like opening Pandora's Box, it was filled with gin potential!

Guided by the expert hands at Underground, our intrepid duo embarked on what can only be described as a flavour odyssey. From the dark, malty depths of Scottish ale, reminiscent of '89's number one anthemic vibes, to the effervescent joy of regional sparkling wine. It was like being a mad scientist, but with better taste. Each botanical brought its own character to the mix. 

After (a few) tastings and a journey through the botanical wilderness, Wilko & Courts, with a little help from their friends at Underground, landed on a gin that's as unique as their morning show - a blend of celebration, nostalgia, and pure joy.

Learn a little more about each botanical:

Scottish dark ale lays down the opening notes, beckoning your taste buds on a journey spanning 500 miles. On March 18, 1989, the inaugural Skyfire event saw the lakeshore with a sea of people, each very likely with a radio in hand! It's easy to picture the scene: radios synchronized, casting the number one song of the day, "I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Scottish duo, The Proclaimers. 

The effervescence of regional sparkling wine, the act of uncorking brings with it a satisfying 'pop'—a sound of a firework or a celebration. Thus, we infuse our concoction with the flavour of Canberra's premier sparkling wine.

Retro popping candy brings the excitement of fireworks to the palate,  designed to echo the pop of fireworks and the nostalgic crackle of vintage radios, this sweet, reminiscent treat adds an unmistakable sweet edge.

Buddha's Hand brings a citrus explosion that rivals the spectacle of fireworks in both flavour and visual flair. This unique fruit, named for its resemblance to a praying hand, captured our hearts with its firework-like appearance—do  a quick search to see its beauty firsthand. Beyond its striking form, Buddha's Hand is celebrated for its enduring zest and enchanting fragrance, it infuses our gin with a dazzling burst of citrus, mirroring the awe of pyrotechnics in every sip.

Gunpowder Tea ignites our blend with a spark of intrigue, nodding to the traditional gunpowder that powers the explosions of fireworks. What would a fireworks-themed gin be without a whisper of danger? This unique tea, with each leaf meticulously rolled into tight pellets, mirrors the meticulous preparation of pyrotechnics. Gunpowder Tea is more than just a green tea; it's a symbol of the controlled yet wild spirit of pyrotechnics.

Naturally, our Skyfire Gin wouldn't be complete without the essential trio that defines every gin from Underground: the classic juniper, the crucial coriander seed, and the mystical angelica root. These foundational elements are what elevate our gin from good to unforgettable. The Skyfire Gin will of course be produced using our unique process, cryofiltration, so that the spirit is smooth and silky, the hallmark of Underground Spirits

Your Vote, Your Gin

But why stop at flavours? We're inviting you to leave your mark on this limited-edition gin by choosing its final look. Wilko & Courts from Hit104.7 have designed four stunning label options, and it's up to you to select the one that will grace the bottles of 2024 Skyfire Gin. Your involvement from flavour to label ensures that this gin is not just made for Canberra but made by Canberra.


Join Us at Lake Burley Griffin

We can’t wait for you to join us on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, where the sky will come alive with colours and sounds. Experience the joy and the spectacular fireworks for Skyfire 2024. Let's make this event a memorable celebration of our community's spirit and creativity.

Always drink responsibly.