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Underground Spirits

Parramatta Eels Fruit Pickers Gin

Parramatta Eels Fruit Pickers Gin

700ml 40% ABV

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The Eels have brought people together for generations, now teaming up with Underground Spirits to produce this liquid tribute to the club and the heart and soul of Parramatta.

From the early 'Fruit Pickers' era to the bustling cityscape today, we've bottled The Eels' journey for you to savor with every pour. Inside each bottle, you'll find the essence of lush parks, the tranquility of Parramatta Lake, and the energy of the modern city.

Port Jackson Fig, She-Oak Seeds, Magnolia 'Little Gem' Flower, Smooth-leaved Quandong, and Sunrise Lime Our premium, award-winning gin is exceptionally smooth, making it the perfect sideline companion as you enjoy the game-day roar. Raise your glass to the spirit of Parramatta!

tasting notes

A burst of citrus and floral notes greets the
senses – like your favorite player breaking
through the defense. But, here's the
game-changer – a balanced, gritty
earthiness in the mix. It's a taste journey
that's as complex as a strategic play, with
magnolia, sweet Quandong, and Sunrise
Lime taking the lead. And then juniper – the
hard-hitting classic, the backbone of the
game. It's a bit like the heart of Parramatta
– strong and inviting. So, if you're looking
for a sideline sipper that's as dynamic as
the Eels' game, this gin's your MVP. Cheers
to the clash of flavors and the spirit of the
700ml 40% ABV


Port Jackson Fig
She-Oak seeds
Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ Flower
Smooth-leaved Quandong
Sunrise Lime

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