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Peresh Juniper Gin

Peresh Juniper Gin

500ml 40% ABV

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Unlock the secrets of ancient Egypt with Peresh Juniper Gin, a tribute to the mystique of juniper and sacred ingredients. Crafted in collaboration with the National Museum of Australia, it's a celebration of discovery and cultural preservation.

Named after "Peresh," the Egyptian word for juniper, this gin echoes the botanical's use in the origins of their perfume and the sacred oils treasured in the ancient tombs.

500ml 40% abv

tasting notes

Each sip is an olfactory journey, a tribute to the ancient art of perfumery and the enduring allure of Egypt. The focus of Juniper, not only the heart of any gin, gives a lovely piney flavour and the strong link to ancient origins. Delve deeper, and you'll discover a delicate and subtly sweet essence, reminiscent of floral and violet-like aromas.


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