Viva Las Vegas!

The inaugural 2017 Global Spirit Awards was held in Las Vegas Nevada on August 16th to 18th, so - true to form (and despite us being brand-spanking-new), we the Underground Team decided to boldly drop our hat in the ring.

Not only did we compete, we participated in multiple competitive categories (facing extensive, experienced international rivalry, no less).

As Australian contenders, the prospect of presenting premium (yet new) produce to GSA judges with over 175 years of combined judging experience was undeniably intimidating; however, we harnessed faith and conviction in our produce, and generated a remarkably professional presentation - an impressive first go at international brand representation.

Our culture at Underground is an unshakeable, unwavering conviction in our own produce, and this poise stems from a raw and reliable place. Part of the Underground secret lies in our uniquely crafted and 100% original patented production techniques, which employ sub-zero sub-micron filtration - and this is what creates that exceptionally refined , superior taste.

During a double blind judging process, all competitors were offered total assurance that awards were issued on strict principals of an unbiased, ‘blind’ basis. This aspect served us well, particularly given that we are still quite a new, young, up-and-coming Aussie brand. 

So in the city of sin, with world-class eateries, high-stakes gambling, celebrities and the finest craft cocktails, it was here where we would get our first taste of major International success.

When the results came in, it was astounding (but not quite surprising!) - not only did our innovative Canberra craft spirits get great feedback, we wiped out our competitors winning various highly regarded medals.

The Results:

Gold for Underground Signature Gin
Silver for Underground Signature Vodka
and finally
Bronze for Underground Caramel Vodka

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