Cocktail Tasting Experience for Feared + Revered at the National Museum of Australia

Underground Spirits is proud to partner with QT Canberra and the National Museum of Australia for a cocktail tasting experience like no other in celebration of Feared + Revered at the National Museum of Australia. 

Step into a world at QT Canberra where the power of women reigns supreme. Join us in our inspired collaboration to create destination cocktails that embody the strength, beauty, and resilience of women, bringing together the power of women from the past and the creativity of women from the present. 

Behold our wondrous partnership that celebrates theNational Museum of Australia’s "Feared + Revered Exhibition”; the enchantment of @thebodzilla, the artistry of Underground Spirits, and the elegance of QT Canberra. With each sip of our hand-crafted cocktails, you will be transported to a world where women are revered, and their power is celebrated.

On now and throughout Autumn/Winter 2023, or until sold out, enjoy this exclusive hotel accommodation experience:

  • Relish Underground Spirits’ curated cocktail and gin experience at QT’s Capitol Bar. 
  • See Feared + Revered at the National Museum of Australia
  • Stay at QT Canberra. 

Your complete experience including overnight accommodation at QT Canberra is available now from $285 per room.  


Get a taste here, watch the video:

Underground Spirits - Feared and Revered

About Feared + Revered
Feared + Revered: Feminine Power through the Ages celebrates the power and diversity of female spiritual beings in cultural traditions and beliefs.

This exhibition from the British Museum explores how goddesses, demons, witches, spirits and saints have shaped our understanding of the world.  
Now until 27 August 2023 at Canberra’s National Museum of Australia.

Underground Spirits an official beverage sponsor for this exhibition. 

About QT Canberra
Where culture meets pollies, QT Canberra exerts a power all of its own. In the heart of New Acton, familiar names find their faces on the walls and old characters come together. Low-lights and moody nights. For those that stay up late, but awake bright and early to do it all again. Start your stay with one of our curated Feared & Revered cocktails in Capitol Bar before melting into your dream bed for the night.

See QT Canberra for more detail.

Our Underground Spirits Cocktails
Head to QT’s Capitol Bar for an exclusive curated cocktail experience. You can enjoy this as part of the accommodation package (included in overall cost of package), OR just request the experience standalone at Capitol Bar, no bookings required, pay on arrival. Our experience cocktails:

Our ‘Feared’ cocktail – Medusa

Our ‘Revered’ cocktail – Aphrodite




Head to QT’s Capitol Bar, QT Hotel Canberra, 1 London Circuit, for your curated cocktail and gin experience. 

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