A Golden Opportunity

Just six months into production, we decided to take a calculated risk and enter the Melbourne International Spirits Competition in Victoria, Australia.

As the sole Pacific Region international spirits contest (with trade-only judges), there was the sense of a very real possibility in ‘being seen’ and appreciated – despite being a new brand.

In truth, we didn’t know what to expect, only that what we were putting forward (our Signature Gin and Signature Vodka), were worthy of tasting, recognition and some kind of acknowledgment.

As our first ever competition entry, some would say it was quite a bold move, and in a way – it was. Indeed we skipped lighter domestic contests, and went straight for a tougher, more competitive international contestant base. After all, when you believe in what you’re building, confidence comes easy.

To our utter delight, surprise and amazement, we shattered even our own expectations of simply garnering a look, instead - we got Gold.

First it was our Signature Vodka that won a Gold Medal, next it was our Signature Gin that won Silver! For just six months in, we were as proud as a boutique Underground sub-zero, sub-micron filtration punch.

For us, it was assuring knowing that our unique patented production techniques, and enriched Aussie botanical Gin was received well. It’s not easy being international spirit pioneers, but somehow, we’ve made it look simple.

We won’t stop here however, there’s much more to do and many more products to put forward for assessment and awarding. We’re confident that we can make a real dent in the spirits scene, putting our own Underground style on classics, making old taste new.

There’s much more to come from this Canberra lot, so keep an eye out for a brand new Medal, and a brand new taste.

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